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Recycle Your furniture aim to recycle all furniture that has been donated or collected, what we remove from your home or office we do not classify as waste. If we know we personally can not reuse it we will advise the best way for you to dispose of your items legally and  in the most environmentally friendly way.















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Q: Why should I recycle my furniture??

A: Over 280,000 tonnes of household waste alone is produced in the County every year and much of this ends up being buried in landfill sites. Every little bit makes a difference.

Q: How can I best recycle my furniture?

A: Start by calling Recycle Your Furniture.










Q: The landfill is the fastest option to make space in my home.

A: NO ITS NOT, too much of the rubbish we throw away is not actually rubbish at all. It should be considered a valuable resource that may be reused or recycled. Over 60% of the rubbish we throw away can be recycled and made into new useful products. However people don’t know what to do with it at the moment – the Landfill is the easy option.












Q: How can I recycle other items around my house?

A: Check out our Recommended Web Links page for various further information on recycling in the North East.












Recycle Your furniture aim to recycle all furniture that has been donated.


We will not agree on a collection ourselves if we do not feel we can recycle your pieces.



If you do see fly tipping in our area please contact:

Recycle Your Furniture fighting fly tipping













Page Tip:  Old fridges contain CFCs and HCFCs. Recycle them and buy a "Greenfreeze" model

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