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A few reasons to donate to us:

What we do Take:

Almost Everything Else

Slightly damaged furniture that needs touched up, coffee stained hardwood tables - Just give us a call if your not sure.




What we try and Avoid:

Mattresses, Sofas, Modern Armchairs, Bed Frames, Chipboard Furniture


1, You care about recycling?

2,  You Know its still in reasonable shape?

3,  Your In need of the space?

4,  You cant take it to the tip yourself?

5,  It is covered in paint and needs touched up?

6,  You have a interest in furniture yourself?

7,  You have not got round to re-funking it for yourself?

8,  Does not go with your new decor?

9,  Like the idea of someone working on your furniture?

10,Think your old dresser would look good now in Yellow!!

11, It creeks, a door has fallen off, but is A+ otherwise.

12, You want a free brew if your dropping it off.

13, You fancy some pointers to do it yourself.

What we Love to Refunk:

1, Hard Wood Furniture - Pre 1980’’s,  2, Slightly damaged furniture that needs touched up, 3, coffee stained hardwood tables 4, Old chesterfields, 5, Bevelled mirrors, 6, Chandeliers, 7, Dressers, 8, Queen Anne Chairs, 9, China Cabinets, 10, 70’s retro furniture, 11, All Antiques, 12, Side boards, 13, Coffee Tables, 14 Old Dinning Chairs





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Keeping it real....

Recycle Your furniture & Refunk Your Junk can not guarantee that a piece you contribute to us will definitely become a new creation, sometimes due to space, and lack of inspiration on a particular piece we may have to attempt to sell or forward onto other local services please see Recycle Your Furniture Site for information on a wish list, if you are looking for a piece in particular please let us know as we may have it using up space, or if we do come across it and are uninspired ourselves we can consider offering it to you.

Donating Furniture for the Team

Recycle Your Furniture & Refunk Your Junk relies mainly on donations from the North East area, people looking to get rid of items from there house. Have you just purchased  new chairs, throwing the old table, wardrobe, dressing table, drawers, chests, or other things?



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Page Tip:  Making your own lunch instead of buying from a sandwich shop saves packaging, and could also save you more than £4 a day or about £1,000 a year.
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