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Become a Designer

We currently have a team of 6 designers working with us at present so we can not always guarantee availability or the chance to work in our studio space, but we would still like to hear from you. All of our designers have various other work commitments and regularly we can find the space free or with only one other person working in the studio.


So what we suggest is that you contact us: Via e-mail with a bit of information about yourself, your background  and the kind of days or hours you would be interested in being creative in our studio.


Our aim is too bring together like minded people in the area, I a social friendly artistic atmosphere, too often do we all know how easy it is to be distracted while working at home, how sometimes that extra confidence boost from someone else is all it needs to turn 5 hours of pondering into 30 mins of your best work ever



Team work is always more fun and definitely more rewarding

If your interested drop us an e-mail:
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