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Tip 1:

An easy way to wash your plastics, cans and glass is to use the last of the washing up water. If it's not too soapy, you can even use the waste water afterwards on your flowerbeds or veg patch.


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Tip 2:

Squashed cans and plastic bottles take up so much less room in your recycling box, as well as in the collection vehicle.


Tip 6:

Buy refills - many cleaning products are available as refills. Try reusable alternatives to throwaway items such as razors



Tip 10:

If you have left over paint offer it to friends or ourselves, and if that doesn’t work put it on free cycle


Tip 5:

All kinds of textiles can be recycled at recycling banks and household waste and recycling centres, we can also take any left over off cuts off your hands and use them in our projects. Call us, drop them in or post to us: see our contact page.


Tip 3: Buy local
Just like the food on the dinner plate, we might be amazed how many miles the constituent parts of a piece of furniture might have had to travel in order to reach us. If possible, source furniture close to home. This will support the local economy, small craftspeople, and decrease the environmental cost of shipping (not to mention the other kind of cost).

bags can then be recycled even afterward.


Tip 7: Toxic
Many cleaning products and paints contain harmful chemicals. Make sure you use all of the product so nothing remains in the container when you get rid of it or, even better, choose eco-friendly alternatives.

Tip 4: Interior designs
Furniture and accessories made from reclaimed or recycled material such as glass, wood or plastic are becoming increasingly stylish and innovative. Think solid craftsmanship instead of flimsy, disposable flatpacks.



Tip 9:

Keep pots clean by coating them with plastic bags, saves on washing a pot and wasting water plastic bags can then be recycled even afterward.


Tip 8:

Electric alternatives
Some retailers are happy to take back old electrical items and most can be used for parts.


Page Tip:  Give cinema or concert tickets as gifts instead of disposable goods.